21 DIY Tips


Here a few handy “Did You Know” type tips for you:

1.Festive CD Lamp – make a festive CD lamp like the one above using 6 CDS and a string of Xmas lights. Bundle the lights and stick one through the middle hole in each CD as seen above. The CDs will be held in place by the lights.

2.Cold Drinks – ever had company drop in unexpectedly and been caught with no cold drinks? An innovative way to chill your drinks within minutes is to place hem in a large pot and cover then with ice. Sprinkle about 2 cups of salt over the ice and fill the pot with water. Your drinks will be icy cold in less than 5 minutes.

3.New Shoes -ever bought a pair of shoes and want to wear them for a specific function but scared of getting blisters because they are a bit tight? Soak some old newspaper in water, squeeze out so that it is not dripping, crumple tightly and place in the shoes overnight. As the newspaper dries it will expand, thereby stretching the leather.

4.Sealed Envelope – ever sealed an envelope and then realised that you forgot to include something? If you place the envelope in the freezer for several hours it will literally pop open.

5.Too Many Eggs – if you have too many eggs and are worried that they will go off, crack a few and beat them, place in a Ziploc bag, seal and lay flat in the freezer (must be beaten/scrambled first). You can also freeze in an ice cube tray; one ice cube is the equivalent of 1 egg. Once frozen you can toss a couple in a Ziploc bag and freeze.

6.Squeaky Hardwood Floors – Sprinkle baby or talcum powder on the area that squeaks, sweep into the cracks and then wipe. The powder will fill the cracks between boards and act as a lubricant, stopping the annoying squeak.

7.Reheat Pizza – without it getting soggy by placing in a non-stick frying pan. Heat on low until the pizza is warmed through.

8.Making Devilled Eggs – can be a messy business. Place egg yolks and other ingredients in a Ziploc bag, seal and rub to mash it all together. Once everything is well-mixed cut a small tip off of one bottom corner of the bag and pipe contents into the egg whites; toss bag when finished.

9.Fish Smells – are easy to get rid of. Once done cooking the fish put a bit of vinegar in the pot or pan and let it boil; this will help the smell to disappear within in minutes.

10.Small Children & Eye-Drops – are not such good buddies. To place eye-drops in an infants eyes easily have them lie down and close their eyes; place a drop on the inside corner of each eye. As soon as they open their eyes the drop will slip onto and over the eyeball.

11.Block Weeds – from over-growing your precious plants or herbs by placing a layer of newspaper on the ground and building a raised bed on top of it. Weeds cannot grow through a layer of wet newspaper.

12.Remove Rust – on baking pans and loaf tins with a mixture of baking soda, olive oil, water and a scouring pad.

13.Leftover Wine – can be frozen in ice trays for use in cooking. When a recipe calls for wine just toss in a few cubes.

14.Get rid of Flies – by putting some liquid soap and apple cider vinegar in a glass. Make a paper cone and place in the glass; the flies will be able to get in but not out again.

15.Homemade Ice-Packs – come in very hand for small injuries at home. Fill a Ziploc bag with liquid dish soap (it won’t freeze solid). For smaller injuries toss some take-away tomato sauce bags in the freezer.

16.Waterproof Paper – by covering it with silicone sealant. Great for newspaper articles you want to preserve.

17.Home-made Chips – can be easily cut with an apple slicer.

18.Eliminate Odours – by placing a bowl of new or used coffee grounds in a bowl in the fridge.

19.Sterilise Kitchen Sponges & Cutting Boards – rinse and dry them so that they are not dripping wet, and then place them in the microwave for 3 minutes.

20.Clean a Microwave – cut a lemon in half and squeeze both halves into a small bowl; add both halves and place into the microwave for 5 minutes. Wipe with a damp cloth.

21.Polish Brass – by putting a dash of Worcestershire Sauce on a cloth and rubbing the brass item with it. Rinse with water and towel-dry.

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