We the People of South Africa

Mandela the Statesman

Mandela the Statesman

We, the People of South Africa, have a request to the South African Political Parties and to the Media of South Africa & International Media. Leave Madiba in peace, please.

Nelson Mandela is revered and venerated amongst 98% of South Africans. There is only one other who comes near the love there is for him in this country, and that is the Arch, Desmond Tutu.

We love Madiba and as such we are concerned with his health and wish him well, but I think everyone was shocked at the SABC3 footage of him broadcast tonight. We need to understand that he is what he is, an old man… and as such he deserves some privacy and to just be able to relax; and to be left in peace by the outside world.

Man of the Children

Madiba ~Man of the Children

I don’t care who says what….
There is no race in love,
There is no politics in respect,
There is no ego in veneration.

All we want to know is the truth ~ we know he is old, so tell us he is tired and his health is not that good but he is comfortable, not some PR Bull. We understand he is old and has had a hard life, but we want the truth, not platitudes.The problem with this is that the Media make it very difficult, and thus we implore the Media…. Respect him and his family please… this should not be about the latest “scoop!”

We, the People of South Africa implore you all to show this man the respect you claim to have for him and let him enjoy his Golden Years…

To Madiba,
We love you and understand, and we hold you in our hearts.
We wish you & Graca and the rest of your family
Love, Light, & Peace.


  “I honour the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honour the place in you of light, love, truth, peace and wisdom. I honour the place in you where, when you are in that place, and I am in that place, there is only one of us.”

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